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Nike Free 5.0 v4

The Nike Free 5.0 experience is, on a scale of 0 to 10, halfway between running barefoot and running in built-up trainers. The Frees fit like a soft glove. The shoe provides the flexibility of being barefoot, half the midsole of running in trainers, and all the sole protection needed to run over pointy things. The fourth iteration of the 5.0 presents a more durable segue into the minimal experience. Continue reading

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ASICS Tarther

The Tarther was introduced to America after years of success in Japan, where it was commonly an all-purpose shoe used for both training and racing. ASICS is marketing it to Americans primarily as a racing shoe, though many of its traditional customers think of it as a daily training shoe. Looking at both sides of the coin, the result is a sturdy racer and a daily performer. Continue reading

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Mizuno Wave Rider 13

The Wave Rider 13 is Mizuno’s flagship neutral trainer. It provides a more responsive ride than the bulkier Creation and a more cushioned ride than the lower Precision. The shoe is built to handle just about anything. Continue reading

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Vibram FiveFingers KSO

Vibram touts their FiveFingers KSO, rumored to stand for “Keeps S— Out,” as the highest selling men’s VFF product. The FiveFingers product line gives the functionality of barefooting while protecting the foot’s skin. It’s no surprise the KSO model is the best seller, as its additional coverage area makes the shoe viable over more varieties of terrain. Although it may not have been designed with distance running in mind, its extreme minimalism and adherence to an anatomical design make it the go-to product for a runner desiring natural foot function on abrasive surfaces. Continue reading

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New Balance 758

The New Balance (NB) 758 is, like a million other shoes, a neutral trainer. More specifically, it is the lighter alternative to the supremely cushioned NB 1064. The 758 has all the top-of-the-line features available, so it’s a clear step above the NB shoes sold at your local department store, but NB marketing it as the little brother to the 1064 makes it quite a bit more affordable. Its lighter weight makes it come close to being a performance trainer. Unless you absolutely must have the 1% more cushion in the 1064, this shoe is probably the best buy from NB’s selection of neutral trainers. Continue reading

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Glycerin 7

The Glycerin 7 continues the mainstay line of neutral Brooks running shoes. The Ghost, Launch, and others have come along to try and get a piece of the market share for lighter, more performance-oriented training. The Glycerin 7 stays true to its heritage as a neutral shoe able to tolerate high mileage and hard impact. Continue reading

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A few factors have precipitated together to create the perfect storm that will fuel this blog. First off, I like to run. Second off, I budget a heaping helping of my income towards running shoes. The consequence is that I’m … Continue reading

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